The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Treating Back Pain

It’s a nuisance. Back pain can be quite disruptive. Depending on how serious yours is, the chances are that you might be having trouble sleeping, lifting heavy things or sitting in certain positions. For a long a time the standard remedy for back pain was prescriptions of nasty painkillers. The world of medicine, though, seems to be warming up to non-conventional treatments like massage therapy perth. Recent studies suggest that there is scientific proof that massage therapy is the real deal.

Does Massage Therapy Have Benefits in Treating Tack Pain?

It improves your blood flow, muscle soreness and suffering can be the result of the accumulation of lactic acid and waste in your muscles. When done the right way, stroking, rubbing and kneading your back muscles could improve blood circulation in your back. Improved blood flow ensures that your muscles receive sufficient amounts oxygen and nutrients. This will allow your muscles to break down and eliminate acids and waste that tend to accumulate in your muscles; relieving your pain.

It relieves tense muscles

Repeated use or overuse of the same muscles will often lead to painful tension in your muscles. Massage therapy will help force your back muscles to relax and also improve their flexibility. This has the effect of relief from pain caused by the tightness of your muscles. It stimulates endorphin production.  Here are some techniques that can help with tight muscles.

Constant back pain will have a gloomy effect on your mood

You’ll notice feelings of anger, depression, and irritability will be on the rise. This may be the result of a surge of stress hormones in your system. Massage therapy, luckily, causes an increase of the ‘feel-good’ hormones, endorphins. Endorphins will help balance your emotions (make you feel happy), ease your feelings of pain and improve your rate of your recovery.

It improves your sleep

Sleep is an integral part of your recovery process. By easing your back pain, massage therapy makes it easier for you to fall asleep. The human growth hormone, only released in your sleep, triggers your genes responsible for repairing and restoring muscles and tissues in your sleep. This fix will automatically negate any pain caused by torn tissues and muscles.

Worth noting is that there are in fact different types of massages. Gentle and light Swedish massages are appropriate for problems originating from surface muscles while deep tissue massages are better suited for problems that run deep. A professional should be able to guide you on what you need. While massage therapy is a great excuse to feel good, it unquestionably is a real solution to back pain.