It is Time to Shatter Some of the Myths Surrounding Massage

It is Time to Shatter Some of the Myths Surrounding Massage

Massage therapy has been used in different cultures around the world as a healing therapy for thousands of years.  Despite all of this history there are still some who are skeptical of the benefits of massage.  Part of that skepticism comes from the “discount massage” studios that have popped up in the less than desirable parts of town.  This contributes to the misconceptions that surround massage perth therapy.  It is time to shatter some of the myths surrounding massage.

Massage is a luxury

Many people think that massage therapy is a luxury service that you can’t afford.  You conjure up images of a luxurious spa where you are served champagne and strawberries and there are staff waiting on your every whim.  That image can make you think that massage therapy may be out of your budget.  This isn’t the case at all.  While massage therapists do their best to make you feel comfortable you won’t necessarily be wrapped in luxury.  There are massage services within your budget and if you have health insurance then massage services may even be covered.

“Massage” is only a euphemism

Yes, there are some who are doing other things while calling it “massage”, and to real massage therapist who went to school to perfect there art that is so incredibly insulting.  They offer a legitimate service that helps deal with injury and provides relief from pain.  Be careful and understand the difference between the two and make sure you get an accredited massage therapist.

Massage won’t help my pain

Massage is a viable treatment for pain and injury and it has been recognized as a reliever of stress and it has therapeutic benefits.  There are health care systems, professional sports teams and executives that recognize the value of massage therapy as a part of health care services.

Massage is painful

Massage should never be painful and if it is that means your therapist isn’t paying attention to you as a patient.  You also need to communicate with your massage therapist so that they know when something is painful to you.

These are just some of the myths that surround massage therapy that are completely untrue.  When in fact massage therapy comes with so many health benefits, especially to those who are suffering from illness and injury.  It can help you relieve your pain and move better.  Massage combined with other treatments can help you get your life back.